Piano-Player playing Steinway-Grandpiano

Kluge is the key to quality and success

Pianists from all over the world understand the importance of having a perfect
keyboard as the basis for their performances. Our awareness has led to
the development and production of the highest quality keyboards meeting
the standards of our illustrious clients since 1876.

Based on our premise to enthuse the world’s greatest upright- and grand piano
manufacturers and pianists, as well as our customized individuality, we have
emerged as one of the largest and most reputable keyboard manufacturers
on the international market.

Important innovation

After many years of research and development, we now can launch our innovation “TRO-FEX”. Revolutionary and a playing sensation of the highest standards.

Global novelty

Music score cabinets in the design of an upright piano / grand piano offer functionality and elegant, matching design. Made to measure in superior perfection.

Music score cabinets keys grandpiano

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