Corporate history

Our company was established by Hermann Kluge in 1876. At that time, Hermann Kluge was chief executive of the piano division at the Ibach-pianoforte company.

Even after 134 years, company history shows that the Ibach pianoforte company (now Rud. Ibach & son) holds the oldest model designs at Kluge company. This is followed closely by design models for the Steinway & Sons pianos, making this prestigious company one of our oldest customers.

Despite economically hard times in the late 19th century, Hermann Kluge established a new company in 1876 and the production increased to 100.000 by the year 1902. The production reached 500.000 keyboards by the year 1943.

In 1943 - during the war years - the manufacturing facilities, including special-purpose machinery and huge stocks were destroyed. Nevertheless, the company hired new premises and survived by cabinet-making and crafting doors and windows.

In 1946, Mr. Albert Narath, the grandnephew of Hermann Kluge, took over the exclusive ownership of the company. Full of energy and determination, he re-constructed the factory facilities. Initially, he started with piano-repairs in the basement of the company offices in that same year. The rebuilt factory had space for cabinet making and interior constructions.

In 1948, the keyboard manufacturing recommenced. The production evolved with remarkable new developments.

After Albert Narath´s death in the year 1966, the exclusive ownership was assumed by his son, Mr. Hans-Georg Narath.

In celebration of the 100 year jubilee, keyboard no. 175.000 of post-war-times had been achieved in 1976. Keyboard number 200.000 followed in 1980, and a total of 250.000 was reached in 1988.

The first general assembly of the German trade association for piano-manufacturing was held at the Kluge company, on occasion of their 100st anniversary.

Since 1946, the Kluge company has experienced many highlights as well as troubled times. One of the highlights was the acquisition of a major competitor, Firma Bohn/Berlin in 1992; another was the absorption of the whole Kluge group into Steinway & Sons musical instruments in 1999. Steinway & Sons itself is one of the largest and most-prestigious manufacturers of musical instruments in the world.

This has proved to be beneficial to the Kluge company: The renowned parent company helped to develop a reliable base for a future-orientated progression of the Kluge company.

A sad moment in the company history had been the passing-away of Mr. Hans-Georg Narath in the year 2000. Today, the company is managed by the business-executives Stefan Gritzka and Manfred Sitz.

A steady expansion of keyboard manufacturing using today’s modern, computer-integrated production and management-standards, makes Kluge keyboards Europe’s largest and leading manufacturer for keyboards of outstanding quality.

The Kluge group supplies most of the best-known piano producers worldwide, as well as supplying cembalo and organ-building factories who do not have their own keyboard manufacturing.

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