Keyboards for upright and grand pianos

A perfectly crafted keyboard is essential for the creation of an individual and dynamic sound character. Furthermore, the keyboard adds body to the instrument – and it is the main area of interaction between the pianist and his musical instrument.

Only the finest materials are used in the production of our keyboards. Skilled workmen with expert knowledge, gained over decades, combine traditional craftsmanship and modern technologies. This combination guarantees the best quality at best value.

Every single keyboard is a unique masterpiece, offering the player a reliable and perfect performance; whether on the international stage, at the main institutions of piano education, or in the privacy of the home.

The products we manufacture cover the whole range of specific individual parts, to complete production assembly for the piano industry. Furthermore, our scope of services includes restoration of vintage keyboards, and complete replicas of antique keyboards.

A speciality of the Kluge production is the NeTaR process. That means the production of new keys for old keyboard frames.

keys, close to completion

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